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Orchestra Conductor Music Stand

The PUMX is an orchestra conductor music stand that has been designed to be robust and stable. It is created to serve the conductors in the best way possible. PUMX features 3 perforated metal plates and is known for it’s stable console, that is suitable for all heavy partitions. For your comfort during travel and performances basically everywhere it includes a folding tripod base and perforated metal plate.

Why You Need a Stand?

RTX stands have been designed to make sure you find your perfect position. Every musician knows, it’s essential that you’re comfortable while playing. This Orchestra Conductor Music Stand is built from high quality materials and it is the perfect partner to the conductor. Rubber end caps ensure your stand stays in place and also protect your floor. For an elegant appearance, the RTX PUMX stand is finished in a satin black.

Key Features

•Very stable console, suitable for heavy partitions

•Folding tripod base and perforated metal plate

•Colour: Satin black

•Weight: 3.455 kg

•Length: 656 mm

•Width: 366 mm

•Height: 133 mm

About RTX

RTX is a manufacturer of stands and keyboard benches. The company produces high quality keyboard stands, guitar stands, microphone stands, speaker stands and much more. RTX are thinking of your comfort as a musician and their stands show that.

Weight 3,1 kg
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