Acoustasonic 40 by Fender | Acoustic Guitar Amp 40W


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40W Acoustic Guitar Amp with both Guitar and Microphone inputs | Fender Acoustasonic 40

Fender’s Acoustasonic 40 amp is perfect plugging in you electro-acoustic guitar but unlike most amps, it also lets you plug in a microphone as well so you can sing and play at the same time. You have reverb on both the guitar and mic channel as well as EQ controls allowing you to mix the guitar and voice to find your perfect sound. The amp is small and easy to transport but don’t let the size fool you, this amp delivers a lot of sound thanks to its smart 6-inch speaker with “whizzer cone” technology. Whizzer Cone is marketing speak for an additional speaker which is attached to the vocal input to give you a better high frequency response allowing both your guitar and vocals to be clear.

The Acoustasonic 40 has dual inputs on the front-panel, allowing you to quickly and easily plug in your equipment. You’ve got one standard 1/4-inch jack for your instrument, and an XLR input dedicated to your mic. If you are a singer-songwriter, this amp gives you everything you need in one convenient packaging.

Acoustasonic 40 by Fender Specifications

  • Voltage: 230V EUR
  • Wattage: 40 Watts
  • Controls Channel 1: Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble, Reverb. Channel 2: Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble, Reverb
  • Channels: Two
  • Inputs: Two – (XLR / 1/4″ combined)
  • Effects: Reverb
  • Line Out: One – (XLR with Ground Lift)
  • Cabinet Material: 5-Ply 5/8″ Lightweight Plywood
  • Amplifier Covering: Brown Textured Vinyl
  • Grille: Cloth Black
  • Amplifier Jewel: Red LED
  • Handle: Moulded Plastic Strap with Nickel-Plated Caps
  • Speakers: Two – 6.5″ Special Design Full-Range with “Whizzer” Cones
  • Total Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Amp Height: 27.9 cm
  • Amp Width: 38 cm
  • Amp Weight: 7.5 kg

About Fender

One of the worlds most iconic brands, Fender was founded in Southern California and has established a worldwide influence that extends from the studio to the stage&mdashand beyond. Everyone from beginners to the world’s most acclaimed artists have used Fender instruments, amps and gear, making the company not only a revered industry leader but a cultural symbol that resonates globally. Nearly seven decades since founder Leo Fender built his first electric guitar, Fender’s reach transcends instruments and accessories, encompassing a range of innovative digital experiences that fuel musical expression and serve players at every stage–on every stage.

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