Vendôme Orsigny 4/4 Violin | B44 | Bow and Case Included


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Vendôme Orsingy 4/4 Violin

Suitable for more experiencedviolinists

The Orsigny Violins are perfect for more experienced violinists, when they are starting to develop their own preferences in terms of style of play. They have higher expectations towards their instrument, and looking for the sound that suits them. The exceptional assembly of these violins allows them to easily support the demanding playing techniques that intermediate violinists are led to learn.


– Top : European spruce

– Fingerboard : Ebony

– Neck : Maple

– Additional Specs :

– Type: Stradivarius 4/4

– Back: Maple

– Sides: Maple

– Neck: Maple

– Tailpiece: Ebony

– Tuning pegs: Ebony

– Nut: Ebony

– Chinrest: Ebony

– Bow: Synthetic horsehair


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