Tramontane Hyvibe 20 Smart guitar by Lâg | THV20DCE


The very first Smart Guitar in the world.

A guitar that can amplify itself, generate its own effects, or even turn into a bluetooth speaker, all without cables, pedals or amps.

This second version of the THV Series gives all the guitarists an open road to explore all the possibilities the HyVibe system can offer. The guitar features a solid Engelmann Spruce top, well known in the guitar world for its combination of strength and elasticity that translates into a full and rich sonic range. The THV20DCE allows every kind of playing from aggressive strumming to delicate fingerpicking; its Lâg signature thin-profile neck makes the guitar even more versatile. All these specifications combined with the specially selected Ovangkol back & sides create a guitar not only visually appealing but with a wide and precise projection.

Tramontane Hyvibe 20 Smart Guitar by Lâg | The Worlds First Smart Guitar

An Award Winning Guitar.

Presenting the award winning Lâg HyVibe THV20DCE, which is Lâg’s second model Smart Guitar. The THV20DCE combines world-class craftsmanship with the revolutionary HyVibe System. The HyVibe System allows you to self-amplify the guitar with built-in effects, create loops, and even transform your guitar into a Bluetooth speaker. 

Even without its Smart Guitar features, the THV20DCE is an outstanding acoustic guitar crafted with the finest materials. The THV20 features a solid Engelmann Spruce top, and Ovangkol back & sides. A hard case is included to protect your new writing partner and travel companion.

Here’s What The Press Say:

“It is a nicely crafted instrument that plays well with a pleasant acoustic tone and keeps the HyVibe system at a reasonable price point. … I recommend this guitar not only for what it does today, but also for what it will be capable of in the future.” —Keith Baumann of Downbeat Magazine, June 2020

“On the prototype that we were allowed to approach …  the sound is there, magical and efficient. It is truly astonishing and unsettling. We really believe in the presence of a hi-fi speaker.” – Pierre Schellingen of Le Figaro, November 2018

Tramontane Hyvibe 20 Key Features:

Loop, Record, and Share

Experience the fun of recording & loops and jamming over them. Looping is a great creative tool and with the Hyvibe you can do it anywhere. Directly through the guitar! Instantly record new song ideas and share them with the world.

Built in Effect Processor

Self-amplify customizable guitar effects such as chorus, reverb, distortion, pitch-shifter, tremolo, acoustic boost, etc. directly from the body of the guitar. Get inspired!

Mobile app

Use the HyVibe mobile app to customize your effects, EQ your sound, record your playing, and much more.

Self Amplification

The HyVibe System’s dual actuators turn the TOP plate of the guitar into its own amplifier. They excite the guitar near the bridge, creating a hybrid vibration between the natural resonances of the guitar’s body and our processed vibration.


Plug your guitar into an amplifier and use your effects & Bluetooth stream on stage. It is the first guitar in the world with an input jack, which enables you to plug in external devices (pedals, PC, etc.)


The long life battery allows you to play, loop and stream for over 10 hours/charge. You can charge it easily thanks to its USBC charging port, or use a power bank away from home and play while it is charging.

Bluetooth Speaker

Connect your HyVibe System to a Bluetooth device and turn your guitar into a connected speaker. Jam along with backing tracks or even stream guitar lessons for an enhanced learning experience.

Extra Features

Many extra tools & features that every guitarist wants such as a built-in tuner, metronome, and Bluetooth MIDI controller capability. And since the HyVibe Smart Guitar is a connected device, you can install software updates when we release new features!

Watch the Presenting of HyVibe Guitars by the Producer Here: 

General specs 

– Top: Solid Engelmann Spruce

– Strings: Metal

– Fingerboard: Brownwood

– Nut: Black graphite wedge

– Bridge: Brownwood

– Finishing: Glossy

– Format: Dreadnought

– Tuning pegs: Die Cast

– Cover/case: Molded case

– Category: Steel String Shaped Body Electric-Acoustic

– Hardware: Satin black

– Neck: Khaya

– Back & Sides: Ovangkol

– Electronics: HyVibe System

– Left handed: No

– Cutaway: Yes

– Radius: 350 mm

– Scale (mm): 650 mm

– Nut Width: 43 mm

– Nbr of strings: 6

– Nbrs of frets: 20

Additional Specs 

– Comes with Multi-effects, looper, bluetooth speaker etc.

The very first Smart Guitar in the world.

A guitar that can amplify itself, generate its own effects, or even turn into a bluetooth speaker, all without cables, pedals or amps.


– Top: Solid Engelmann Spruce

– Back & Sides: Ovangkol

– Finish: glossy

– Bridge: brownwood


– Neck: khaya Mahogany

– Finish: satin

– Fingerboard: brownwood

– Frets: 20 – silver nickel

– Scale: 650 mm


– Machine heads: DieCast, black satin, ratio 1:18

– Nut: Black graphite / 43 mm

Electronic HyVibe system:

– multi-effets (reverb, chorus, delay, octaver, tremolo, phaser, distortion…)

– acoustic Looper

– bluetooth speaker (stream directly from your phone through your guitar and play along)

– Métronome

– Download the mobile app to go further with your guitar.


About Lâg

Lâg Guitars is a French music company renowned for pushing boundaries when it comes to design, build quality and innovation. While many guitar manufacturers copy the same old designs, Lâg make bold decisions and stands out for the crowd. The team of luthiers at Lâg hunt the world for the best sounding woods and they craft them beautifully into outstanding guitars which are built to last a lifetime. From entry level guitars right up to the flagship HyVibe Smart Guitar range, Lâg never compromises on design or quality.

Suggested Accessories

  • Case / Gig Bag – to keep safe and movable your guitar. You can choose from different cases for this product, we would recommend getting a gigbag that will have straps to be comfortable to go everywhere with your classical guitar and perform, also seek for pockets where you can store your picks and cables, maybe get a second pair of straps. 
  • Tuner – make sure you always hit the right note. Grab a portable tuner so that you can check that your guitar is in tuner wherever you go. 
  • Spare strings – Strings break. As you start performing with new strings you will notice the difference on having a brand new pack of strings and as you can never be sure if you gonna break a string, you better have extra stings for replacements.  
  • Cleaning tools – For keep everything in order and take proper care of your guitar you can check our cleaning products. 
  • Extra Picks – You always need one more plectrum! 


Weight 8,780 kg


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