TIKI Ukulele Mini Electro Acoustic Guitar by Lâg | TKT150E


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TIKI Ukulele Mini Electro Acoustic Guitar by Läg

This small and compact Tiki Uku Mini electro-acoustic guitar from Läg is masterfully crafted by the French manufacturer. Its front is made of solid wood from specially selected spruce, the back and sides are made of laminated Sapelli mahogany with open pores, and the fingerboard and the bridge are made of dark rosewood.

The built-in preamp has a 3-band equalizer EQ and built-in tuner, and it allows you to plug your guitar into any acoustic amp.

The satin French finish and Die Cast satin black tuning keys complement the beautiful look of this TKT150E small guitar with nylon strings. Its sound is traditional for ukuleles but offers the full comfort of a full-size electro-acoustic guitar with its 6 strings.

The slim body with comfortable curves that are typical for larger guitars and the design of the Läg‚Äôs TKT150E mini guitar bring comfort, and its small size makes it your perfect companion during your travels.

You can bring your music with you everywhere you go and play this little guitar comfortably and easily. A Gig bag is included so you can travel safely and securely with your guitar anywhere. The compact size gives you the opportunity to check it as hand luggage.

TIKI Ukulele Mini Bass Cutaway Electro by Läg

This Tiki Ukulele Mini Bass Cutaway Electro small guitar by Läg is a wonderful way to bring your bass guitar with you on the go. This small guitar TKB150CE is designed with a solid spruce top and Indonesian rosewood fingerboard.

The TKB150CE is fretless and has white marks instead, which is great for the bass of this small guitar.

You can achieve the sound of an acoustic bass everywhere you go with this compact small size mini bass electro guitar. The strings are 4 nylon and easier than ever to play. The frets are just 16 which are very reachable and gives you the opportunity to play as fast as you can.

The shape of this double bass version of the ukulele is perfect fit to the body with a slim arched back. The Mini Bass Tiki Uku also features a preamp with a 3-band EQ and tuner.

The machine heads are Die cast with satin black buttons and together with the satin finish of the guitar complete perfectly the catching-the-eye design of the French manufacture Läg. This small bass guitar is perfect for beginners and advanced bass players.

TKB150CE comes with a gig bag to secure your new musical instrument on the go and keep it safe from scratches and bumps when you travel.

And let’s just admit it – it’s the cutest and coolest designed bass guitar!

About Small Guitars

When you travel, you want to bring with you everything you need that makes your trip fun, comfortable and fulfilling. But you can’t go with a whole van of belongings on your back… For those guitarists who can’t depart without their love – the guitar, even when they are on the road for a while, as well as for beginners and advanced, children and adults who adore playing the guitar and diversifying their talent ‚Äì Small guitars come to the rescue.

Small guitars are created just as precisely and with high quality materials as are the large full-size acoustic guitars. With the difference that their compact size allows much more performance dynamics.

The small guitar has a comfortable fingerboard and frets. They are much lighter than their full-size buddies. The small guitar, also called a mini or baby guitar, is more comfortable to the grip and has fewer frets (usually around 18-20 in number). They are offered by almost all leading brands, and each manufacturer has added some of their signature to the design. Just like full-size guitars, small guitars have variations, and you can even find a bass small guitar out there.

Unlike ukuleles, the small guitar has 6 strings and has a larger scale and overall size. Extremely comfortable when traveling, small guitars can also fit as part of your carry-on luggage.


Läg Guitars is a French music company renowned for pushing boundaries when it comes to design, build quality and innovation. While many guitar manufacturers copy the same old designs, Läg make bold decisions and stands out for the crowd. The team of luthiers at Läg hunt the world for the best sounding woods and they craft them beautifully into outstanding guitars which are built to last a lifetime. From entry level guitars right up to the flagship HyVibe Smart Guitar range, Läg never compromises on design or quality.


The Iconic 60’s Fender Precision Bass Reborn

A tribute to the decade that made the P Bass® an icon, the Classic Vibe ‘60s Precision Bass® embodies the aesthetics of the original and produces massive tone courtesy of its Fender-Designed alnico split-coil pickup. Player-friendly features include a slim, comfortable C”-shaped neck profile with an easy-playing 9.5”-radius fingerboard and narrow-tall frets, as well as a vintage-style bridge with threaded saddles.

This throwback Squier model also features 1960s-inspired headstock markings, rich-looking nickel-plated hardware and a slick vintage-tint gloss neck finish for an old-school vibe.



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