Tiki Uku Ukulele Tenor Electro-Acoustic by Lâg | TKU150TE


This Tenor Ukulele in a compact size has a thin body with arched back. TKU150TE by Lâg was designed with a French design by the master luthiers of Lâg without compromising on the quality of materials. The front of this thin ukulele is made of solid spruce, the back and sides are made of laminated Sapelli mahogany, while the fingerboard, headstock and bridge are made of black walnut.

Tiki Uku Ukulele Tenor Electro-Acoustic by Lâg

This Tenor Ukulele in a compact size has a thin body with arched back. TKU150TE by Lâg was designed with a French design by the master luthiers of Lâg without compromising on the quality of materials. The front of this thin ukulele is made of solid spruce, the back and sides are made of laminated Sapelli mahogany, while the fingerboard, headstock and bridge are made of black walnut.

All wooden parts of this ukulele are protected from external influences by a natural French satin finish. And the beautiful artistic drawing on the back is a prominent feature of all Tiki ukus of the brand.

The TKU150TE tenor electro-acoustic ukulele is designed with a Shadow preamp and tuner. And the pearl dots on the front of the fretboard are the addition that turns your new ukulele into a 4-string easy-to-learn instrument that is suitable for both beginners and advanced guitarists and musicians.

To elevate our offer to you, we offer included tenor ukulele Gig bag TKU150TE, which is the exact size of the instrument and is padded, so you can carry everywhere with you this compact solution for performances – tenor electro-acoustic ukulele by Lâg.

TKU150TE by Lâg Key Features

– Shape: tenor slim body with arched back

– Top: solid spruce top

– Back & Sides: laminated sapele, open pore

– Finish: french satin with Tiki artwork on the back

– Neck: Sapelli

– Finish: natural french satin

– Fingerboard, headstock & bridge: dark walnut

– Frets: 18 / nickel

– Scale: 432 mm

– Inlays: pearloid Lâg logo and dots

– Machine heads:  black satin die cast with black satin buttons

– Nut & Saddle: 34 mm / 53 mm black graphite                            

– Strings: Aquila

– Gig bag: included

– Electronics: Shadow preamp system with tuner

About Tenor Uku

The tenor ukulele is a medium-sized ukulele and is standard with about 26″ or 66 cm total length. It is larger than the concert ukulele by about 7.6 cm (3″) and smaller than the baritone by about 10 cm (4″). Of course, the exact size depends on the specific ukulele, which you have chosen and the manufacturer, because everyone leaves their personal characteristic design on their products.

The tenor ukulele has a denser, fuller and richer tone than the concert one. Its strings have a greater tension, which can reflect on their volume and projection.

The scale of the tenor ukulele is about 17″ or 43.18 cm, respectively, the greater length allows a greater distance of the frets than the concert ukulele, which makes it easier to find the right note, and also the greater distance allows the addition of a greater number of frets.

The small and compact size compared to a full-size guitar has its advantages and offers portability and comfort during each journey of the musician. It can even be checked in as carry-on luggage on your next trip.

Ukulele – Fun Name of Classical String Instrument from Hawaii 

The Ukulele is the younger brother of guitars – small by size, convenient to carry anywhere you go to perform and at any time. We present to you the ukulele – an instrument that you can take anywhere with you. When you are on the road and carry a small part of your belongings with you, you realize how important it is your things to be light and comfortable to carry. When you are away from home you can realy feel the need to immerse yourself in the familiar, to dive into the comfort of your hobby, in the comfort of music. And the musician always carries his guitar in the heart and always wants to share its melody.

If you carry the music in your soul and love to use your free time during your travels or you are just the type nomad who can’t anchor himself and travel around the world, you need a compact option to create music at any time.

And what better way to use your free two or three hours than to play a little and let the music flow from your mind onto the strings. Your fingers will play alone on this great version of the small guitars – the ukulele. Its strings are only 4 and have a different arrangement from those of a standard classical acoustic guitar – the high tones are located symmetrically at both ends of the fingerboard.

Ukuleles have great sweet tone and are the perfect companion for any traveler. It even fits in your hand bag!

When you hear Ukulele you associate it with the vision of Hawaiians’ skirts – hula, the music they play is associated with dancing under the stars, freedom and the soaring of the sound around. Ukulele really has Hawaiian roots, as it is an interpretation of the Hawaiian machete instrument, which in turn is associated with the Portuguese CavaginhoTemple and other similar musical instruments. Hawaii’s King Kalakua even patronized the instrument by introducing it to performances during royal celebrations in Hawaii.

The word Ukulele literally means “jumping flea”, which probably derives from the characteristic movement of the fingers on the fingerboard and strings during performances. Fast finger movements are exactly what distinguishes a professional from a beginner. Any guitarist would handle this cute ukulele – the new hit among musical instruments.

Nowadays, great music is created on the ukulele, as well as some of the most fun and great covers of famous songs. The ukuleles, like their relatives – the guitars, are soprano ukulele, concert ukulele, tenor ukulele, electro-acoustic ukulele, and, of course, you can always categorize them by looks – there are so many fun and different colors and prints of the ukuleles out there. This small musical instrument will surprise you how quickly it can become the soul of the company and a hit of your party!

Ukulele is a great musical instrument for performances both on stage and at home, suitable for playing in front of a crowd, for musical experiments, for covers of songs and to be honest – it looks super fun to play this little ukulele guitar!

And if you are a beginner, you start playing now or looking for your first musical instrument and your choice is string instruments – ukulele is suitable for beginner enthusiasts.

About Lâg

Lâg Guitars is a French music company renowned for pushing boundaries when it comes to design, build quality and innovation. While many guitar manufacturers copy the same old designs, Lâg make bold decisions and stands out for the crowd. The team of luthiers at Lâg hunt the world for the best sounding woods and they craft them beautifully into outstanding guitars which are built to last a lifetime. From entry level guitars right up to the flagship HyVibe Smart Guitar range, Lâg never compromises on design or quality.

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