Tiki Uku 130 Ukulele Soprano Slim Arch Back by Lâg | BABYTKU130S


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Tiki Uku 130 Ukulele Soprano Slim Arch Back by Läg

BABYTKU130S by Läg is designed in France and is a soprano ukulele, which is suitable for children and beginners, as well as for professionals and traveling musicians. Convenient in shape and reminiscent of guitars, this ukulele derives all the benefits of the solid red cedar top.

The fingerboard is made of dark walnut, as well as the bridge, and the finish is with open pores, which contributes to the clear sound. The back and sides of this ukulele BABYTKU130S by Läg are masterfully made of specially selected sapelli mahogany.

This soprano ukulele has slim body and reinforced back. It is comfortable to grab and perform live on stage or at home. The frets are 12 in number, nickel, and for convenience and fast and accurate playing there are encrusted pearl dots on the fingerboard.

For your convenience, your new soprano ukulele by Läg comes with a gig bag that protects the musical instrument from injuries and scratches while traveling.

Soprano Uku

The Soprano Ukulele shares the same tuning mechanism – gCEA tuning, as it’s larger tenor and concert uku versions. However, the Soprano Ukulele is the best seller of all the string instruments in the Ukulele family and it is considered a classic. The difference between Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone Ukuleles comes from the size (of course), ie. the length of the tool.

Typical length for a Soprano Ukulele is 21 inches or 53 cm.

Some of the models are different and has a longer neck and fingerboard, which helps the musician to reach the high tones more easily.


Läg Guitars is a French music company renowned for pushing boundaries when it comes to design, build quality and innovation. While many guitar manufacturers copy the same old designs, Läg make bold decisions and stands out for the crowd. The team of luthiers at Läg hunt the world for the best sounding woods and they craft them beautifully into outstanding guitars which are built to last a lifetime. From entry level guitars right up to the flagship HyVibe Smart Guitar range, Läg never compromises on design or quality.


EKO Bass Guitar – VPJ280 BLK

Eko is an Italian brand with a reputation for making great sounding instruments at affordable prices and the VPJ280 in Black is no exception. With an alder body, maple neck and South American roupanà fingerboard, this is an instrument made of materials you would expect to see on much higher priced bass guitars.

The VPJ280 comes equipped with 2 pickups, as well as dual volume knobs to control the volume of each pickup independently which ;means you can blend the sound of the two pickups together. In addition there is a tone knob to fine tune your sound even further.

EKO VPJ280 BLK Specifications

;- Body : Alder

– Bridge / tailpiece : Fixed

– Category : 4-string bass

– Colours : Black

– Electronics : Passive pickups;

РFingerboard : South American roupanà

– Finishing : Glossy

– Format : Precision

– Hardware : Chromed

– Marker : Point

– Nbr of strings : 4

– Nbre of pickups : 2

– Nbrs of frets : 21

– Neck : Maple

– Nut Width : 43 mm

– Scale (mm) : 868 mm

– Settings : Tone, 2x volume


Tiki Uku 150 Ukulele Concert Electro Acoustic by Läg

The small compact concert ukulele TKU150CE from the French manufacturer Läg is perfect for beginner and traveling musicians. The front is crafted by the master luthiers of Läg from solid spruce wood.

The beauty of the Läg‚Äôs ukulele is accentuated by the body‚Äôs natural satin finish and the beautiful complementary dark walnut from which the fingerboard, head and bridge are made of.

The concert ukulele has a Shadow preamp and tuner. The dot inlays help the musician to be sure of the played note. Nylon strings provide a sweet and soft tone to any performance.

Its shape follows that of a full-size guitar, and its back is arched, this design provides comfort to the player. The four strings are typical for all ukuleles. The frets are 14 in number, nickel, and the small scale and thin body are extremely useful for the proper grip. Lightweight and comfortable, the Läg concert ukulele fits in carry-on luggage and can offer unparalleled portability.

For even greater convenience, we have included a case for your new ukulele. TKU150CE’s Gig bag protects the instrument from scratches and bumps during transport and travel.

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