Tanga Bamboo Didgeridoo, 120 cm, Painted Dot Pattern | PTA DD02H-3


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Tanga 120 cm Bamboo DidgeridooPTA DD02H-3

With an eye-catching and beautiful distinctive designs, you can discover one of the oldest wind instruments in the world with the Tanga didgeridoo. Originating from the indigenous Australians of Northern Australia, didgeridoos have been used for over 1500 years and in recent times have become a global phenomenon with artists such as Kate Bush and Jamiroquai featuring the instrument in their recordings. This attractive Tanga didgeridoo will deliver a distinctive sound you would expect at a great price. Traditionally made from bamboo, the TangaPTA DD02H-3 didgeridoo has a beautiful and colourful tribal style pattern.

Tanga PTA DD02H-3Bamboo Didgeridoo Specifications

  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Length: 120 cm
  • Diameter: 5 to 6 cm
  • Weight incl. package: 1 kg
  • Coated with wax mouthpiece

About Tanga Ethnic Instruments

Tanga Ethnic Instruments produces professional and affordable instruments such as djembe drums and digeridoos. With attention to detail and beautiful designs, Tanga has instruments to suit beginners as well as a line of professional instruments for concert percussionists. Whether you want a djembe for a child to play on, a drum to take camping or you want to expand your professional percussion collection, Tanga has an option for you.

Weight 1 kg


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