Red Carved Slammer 10″ Djembe by Tanga | DA50-8T


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Red Carved Slammer 10″ Djembe

The beautiful DA50-8T 10″ red hand carved mahogany slammer djembe from Tanga, has both excellent sound and aesthetics.The DA50-8T is a finely crafted instrument offering high build quality with plenty of bass and tone with a fuller sound than its 8″ baby brother.

Key Features

– Mahogany from Indonesia

– Tension with traditional rope

– Handle integrated in the rope

– Goat skin drum head

– Size: 10”

– Colour: Red

– Weight incl. package: 4.585 kg

About The Djembe

The Djembe is the best-known African drum. The drum is played with the bare hands and is traditionally made of carved wood with a goat skin drumhead and tuned with a rope to tighten the tension on the skin. Today djembes come in a wide range of shapes, designs and materials to suit every players personality and needs.

It is said that the word djembe means ‘everyone gather together in peace’ and this can often be seen in real life around camp fires or in drum circles! Djembes are a great way for anyone to enjoy jamming with musical friends.

About Tanga Ethnic Instruments

Tanga Ethnic Instruments produces professional and affordable instruments such as djembe drums and digeridoos. With attention to detail and beautiful designs, Tanga has instruments to suit beginners as well as a line of professional instruments for concert percussionists. Whether you want a djembe for a child to play on, a drum to take camping or you want to expand your professional percussion collection, Tanga has an option for you.

Weight 4,585 kg


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