NXT N100CWE-BLK Nylon String Guitar by EKO | Black | Cutaway with Pickup/Preamp


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Eko NXT N100CWE-BLK| Black Gloss Finish | Nylon String Guitar with Built In Pre-Amp

Eko have been making guitars since 1959 and the NXT N100CWE-BLK shows why this Italian brand has been so successful all these years as they take stylish affordable guitars to the next level… The NXT N100CWE-BLK is a mix of a classical shape guitar which elements of a gypsy guitar and an acoustic guitar all combined to make for a visually stunning instrument.

The NXT N100CWE-BLK has a gloss black finish as well as distinctive designs on both the headstock and bridge with smooth and rounded shapes unlike most entry level classical guitars.

The NXT N100CWE-BLK Nylon Guitar also has some modern convenience with the addition of onboard electrics. Thanks to the Eko G03 preamp, this guitar is ready for the stage. Simply plug in into an acoustic amplifier or direct into a P.A. for live performance. This onboard, in-house designed, EKO Preamp System features volume, bass, middle, treble, phase control as well as an onboard easy to read LED tuner with Mute/Tune function.

The NXT series guitars are instruments with 100% EKO characteristics, an extremely affordable low-price and an attention to detail and quality.


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