EKO All Around Capo | For Electric, Acoustic and Nylon String Guitars


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EKO All Around Capo | Works with Electric, Acoustic and Nylon String Guitars

The All-Around Capo from EKO is a simple to use string loaded capo that can be used on classical guitar, 6 and 12 string acoustic guitar and on electric guitar.

The nice people at EKO have printed on the capo so you can see which side you should use on your guitar. The Nylon side is perfect for guitars with a wide and flat fingerboard (or a minimal radius). The Steel side perfectly fits to acoustic and electric guitars with a standard fingerboard and a more pronounced radius.

The simple trigger action means putting your capo on, adjusting its position or taking it off takes only a moment. Adding a capo to your guitar tool kit gives you a new way to play the guitar and experiment with different chords.

Songs like Wonderwall by Oasis, Here comes the Sun by the Beatles and Hotel California by the Eagles all use a Capo.


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