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Eb Standard Clarinet by SML Paris

The standard Eb Clarinet by SML Paris is a compact instrument from the group of wooden wind instruments. It is well toned and balanced, with nickel keys, 17 in number, 6 rings and an adjustable finger holder (hook).

This Eb clarinet of the French manufacturer is lighter than its brother in B flat and comes with a soft case to protect the instrument when carried around from all possible scratches and bumps. Included cleaning kit.





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About E‚ô≠ Clarinet

E‚ô≠ clarinet is known for its high pitch, one fourth higher than the B‚ô≠ clarinet. This clarinet is suitable for the more advanced players as it is slightly more difficult to hit the right note.

E‚ô≠ clarinet has a bright and sharp sound and it is with lower range of expression than the B flat clarinet. It is suitable for solos and participation in orchestra. This clarinet is great at the stage with its dramatic effect and breadth of timbre when played in groups.

The clarinet is used in both orchestra group performances and solos.

More About Clarinet

This unique wooden wind instrument has about 12 variations and, although in the time of the great composers it was also used in C key, nowadays the clarinet is used in B or A key. There are almost no unattainable goals for it. Participates both in solo and along with other orchestral instruments.

Along with the flute and even surpassing it in legato, the clarinet has a rich history and practice in orchestral music. This incomparable instrument is ideal for wide melodic lines, expressive, with soft sound and tonal volume with wide possibilities – from E on low to A on fourth octave (it is possible to reach C on a fourth).

The clarinet plays in combination with other orchestral instruments and thanks to its larger register, it is the star on stage and takes the solo or lead role. It is a suitable instrument both for performances in an orchestra and for solo performances in swing jazz, and it is great when playing Bulgarian folk music.

Characteristic of the clarinet are the expressiveness, sonority, soft tone, universality.

About SML Paris

SML Paris is a renowned manufacturer of high quality wind instruments. Established in Paris in 1935, SML Paris has a complete range of wind instruments to suit musicians at various stages of the careers from entry level to professionals. SML Paris instruments can be found in concert halls and music schools around the world thanks to their excellent reputation for great quality and playability.

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