Dunlop ADU 33R025 Finger Picks – Tube, Nickel x 0.025 in


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Dunlop ADU 33R025 Finger Picks – Tube,Nickel x 0.025 in

Although you might prefer the feel and control of using bare fingers on strings, there are times when you just need a brighter tone and more volume. This is when these guys come on handy. The Dunlop ADU 33R025 is suitablefor acoustic steel string guitars.

About Dunlop

There aren’t many musicians in the world who haven’t used Dunlop products. Whether it’s the iconic Cry Baby Wah Wah pedal, the Tortex plectrums or the iconic Dunlop 65 cleaning products, its hard to find a guitarist who hasn’t come into contact with Dunlop in one way or another. Today Dunlop owns a number of the worlds most popular guitar brands including Way Huge and MXR.


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