Deluxe Nylon Guitar Strap by Tobago | NYL-AR | Colour: Camouflage


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Deluxe Nylon Guitar Strap by Tobago

This Deluxe Guitar Strap by Tobago is designed to hold and secure your guitar while you do your magic on your guitar. Standing in front of a crowd while playing or in the studio, you will need a sure way to keep your guitar from falling – this Nylon Guitar Strap is just the right one for you. The Guitar Strap comes in a camouflage colour for extra guitar star look.

Why do You Need a Guitar Strap?

Whether you are new guitar player or professional, every guitar player has had to confront the difficulty ofchoosing the right guitar and its accessories. There is one guitar accessory that is often skipped over – the guitar strap. Butthis accessory is extremely important and without it you will not be able to play the guitar standing up, nor perform on concerts for those who are in a music group.


Tobago exists for one reason, to keep your instrument safe. As a musician you know that having a guitar case or guitar gig bag is essential when you are on the move or storing your instrument. Tobago have a wide range of instrument cases to suit your needs and budget. Whether you need a soft guitar case, a hard guitar case, a keyboard carry case or even a ukulele bag, Tobago have it! With years of experience in making products, Tobago deliver great quality at a low price.

The Tobago range includes gig bags, cases and straps. Gig bags for acoustic and electric guitars and basses. Gig bags for Ukulele. Hardcases for guitars and basses. Both electric and acoustic. A complete range of bags for drums, drumsticks and cymbals. Keyboard bags in all sizes. Tobago also has a premium quality guitar straps range.

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