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Complete Lighting Package with 2 LED PARs, 2 Derby Effect Projectors

The FLORIDA BAR is a complete 4 in 1 lighting solution of extremely versatile lighting. Supplied with a convenient carry case, this setup is everything you need to put on a great show in a small to medium size venue.

Equipped with 2 LED PARs and two Derby effect projectors, it is mounted on a height-adjustable stand, delivered with a carrying case and a wireless remote control and foot switch controller so that you can change the lighting effect with the click of a button whilst performing or DJing.

The FLORIDA BAR light pack also offerings a strobe effect with its 4 1W white LEDs. DMX management and Musical mode (with integrated microphone) make it a real Swiss army knife, surprisingly easy to use.

Florida Bar Key Features

– LED PAR floodlights: 6 x 9W tri-LED

РPAR LED beam angle: 15 °

– DERBY effect projectors: 2 x RED LED 3W, 2 x GREEN LED 3W and 2 x BLUE LED 3W

– Wavelength of RGB LEDs: R: 620nm / 100lm, G: 520nm / 160lm, B: 462nm / 50lm

– LASER: Laser diodes: Green: 30mW / 532nm, Red: 100mW / 650nm

– Laser output power per point: &lt5mW – Class 3R

– White LED strobe projector: 4 x 1W

– DMX channels: 3,5,9 or 27

– Supplied accessories: Tripod stand, IR remote control, remote control at the foot, carrying bag

– Power supply: multi-voltage switching 100-240VAC, 50 / 60Hz

– Total power consumed: 45W

– Fuse: 1.6A Time delay, 250V

– Tripod stand: adjustable in height from 1.5m to 2.5m

– Total weight: 6.6kg

– Package dimensions: 1442 x 149 x 591 mm

About Algam Lighting

Algam Lighting gives you everything you need to create an atmosphere at your event. From moving lights, LED projectors and lighting controllers, to atmospheric effects such as smoke machines, with Algam Lighting you can make your event one to remember.

Whether you’re want to create unique backdrops, an intense atmosphere, or just light up the dancefloor, the Algam Lighting range has the lighting tools you need.

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