Bb Goldlacquered Trumpet for Beginners by SML Paris | TP300


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Bb Goldlacquered Trumpet for beginners

This SML Paris TP300 Trumpet features 11 mm bore and a 124 mm painted brass bell. Stainless steelpistons, nickel silver slide reinforcements are also part of this Trumpet for beginners. TP300 features also a ring on 1st valve slide, adjustable ring on the 3rd slide and on main tuning slide, pink copper mouthpiece branch.

It comes with included soft case backpack and maintenance kit for the proper care of your new musical instrument. This TP300 Trumpet is suitable for beginners and is easy to learn. Perfect gift for you or your kid!

What is a Bb Trumpet?

The most common type is the B‚ô≠ tonetrumpet.It is used along the C trumpet in American orchestral playing, where the C trumpet is most common.The most commontrumpetis aB flat trumpet, which means when you play a C you will hear aBb. Any note played on thetrumpetsounds a whole step lower. The Bb Trumpet is known for it’smellow, relaxed sound and it’s ability toblend smoothly into the sound of larger groups.

Key Features

РB keys: Si bémol

– Bell: painted brass

– Mouthpiece branch: pink copper

– Slide reinforcements: nickel silver

– Bore: 11 mm

– Bell: 124 mm

– Pistons: stainless steel

– In-between on the main chord slide

– Ring: 1st slide

– Adjustable ring: 3rd slide

About SML Paris

SML Paris is a renowned manufacturer of high quality wind instruments. Established in Paris in 1935, SML Paris has a complete range of wind instruments to suit musicians at various stages of the careers from entry level to professionals. SML Paris instruments can be found in concert halls and music schools around the world thanks to their excellent reputation for great quality and playability.

Technical parameters


Length L(mm)

Width W (mm)

HeightH (mm)

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Suggested Accessories

Check on what accessories we can offer you in addition so you can take proper care of your new musical instrument.

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