Bb Gold Lacquered Tenor Saxophone by SML Paris | T420-II


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Bb Gold Lacquered Tenor Saxophone

The T420-II Bb key Tenor Saxophone by SML Paris is gold lacquered and with engraved bell. Adjusting screw on both hands. Double arm on C – B – Bb. Ergonomic left finger table. Metal thumb rest. Vivo bocal.

High Quality Design and Tone

The SML Paris T420-II Tenor Sax has a range of features that you would expect on a professional instrument. Superb for beginners and more advance players, this instrument is a delightful instrument to play and perform with. The saxophone’s consistent intonation as well as easy blowing response make this instrument a top class tool for learning and performing. The T420-II produces a sweet and consistent tone.

High Quality Construction

This saxophone has been made using professional techniques and is built to the world renowned SML Paris standards.

Key Features

•Bb key / Tenor

•Gold laquered

•Engraved bell

•High F# key

•Metal thumb rest

•3 points special SML connectig ring from bell to body

•Bow which can be dismantled

•Adjustable screws on low keys

•Soft case backpack + BG kit + maintenance kit

About SML Paris

SML Paris is a renowned manufacturer of high quality wind instruments. Established in Paris in 1935, SML Paris has a complete range of wind instruments to suit musicians at various stages of the careers from entry level to professionals. SML Paris instruments can be found in concert halls and music schools around the world thanks to their excellent reputation for great quality and playability.

Technical parameters


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Suggested Accessories

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