Bb Gold Lacquered Flugelhorn with Soft Bag by SML Paris | BU600


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Bb Gold Lacquered Flugelhorn with Soft Bag

An Uncompromising Flugelhorn Built To The Highest Standards

This SML ParisBU600 flugelhorn is designed to provide you with a well rounded, precise tone which is ideal for any musical setting. Its a well thought out lightweight instrument built with ergonomics in mind so that you can keep playing without experiencing hand fatigue. A long trigger on the third valve allows for a quick action. A backpack soft case & maintenance kit are also included so you have everything you need in one package.

High Quality Monel Valves

Built to professional standards, the valves in the BU600 are crafted from monel. Monel is a nickel and copper alloy which is used in the majority of premium instruments because monel valves are very dense and are more resistant to corrosion. meaning they won’t flake and are less likely to seize up.

SML PARIS BU600 Key Features

•Bb Key

•Gold Lacquered

•Bore 11mm

•Rose-brass engraved bell 152mm

•Monel pistons

•Long trigger on the third valve

•3 waterkeys

•Lyre holder

•Plastic valve guide

•Soft case backpack and maintenance kit

The flugelhorn, is a brass instrument that resembles the trumpet and cornet but has a wider, more conical bore. Like trumpets and cornets, most flugelhorns are pitched in B‚ô≠

About SML Paris

SML Paris is a renowned manufacturer of high quality wind instruments. Established in Paris in 1935, SML Paris has a complete range of wind instruments to suit musicians at various stages of the careers from entry level to professionals. SML Paris instruments can be found in concert halls and music schools around the world thanks to their excellent reputation for great quality and playability.

Technical parameters


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Suggested Accessories

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