Augustine Imperial Blue High Tension Crystal Nylon Strings


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Augustine Imperial Blue High Tension Classical Guitar String Set

The Augustine Imperial Blue set combines crystal nylon Imperial trebles with high tension basses. The string combination blends a powerful mid-range with sparkling highs, making this set an ideal choice for those players seeking a balance of power whilst retaining the subtle notes produced by a lighter touch.

Augustine Imperial Blue Features

  • Sound description: Crisp. Powerful. Clear.
  • Bass Strings: High tension, nylon multifilament, silver plated copper
  • Treble Strings: Medium Tension Crystal Nylon
  • Set of 6 Strings

About Augustine

Augustine Strings was founded by Albert Augustine in 1940 in New York. At that time, classical guitar strings we made of animal gut (usually sheep) which meant that string quality was inconsistent and as animal gut was being used as field sutures in the war effort at the time, strings were also in short supply. Albert Augustine began experimenting with the newly invented material Nylon which the DuPont company had patented 5 years earlier. After a huge amount of experimentation with materials and metals, Albert Augustine found that bass strings made of a multifilament core wound with silver produced the optimum sound for the bass strings. And so, the standard of classical strings was set by Augustine Strings, the inventor of nylon guitar strings and still the gold standard for classical guitar strings globally. If you are looking for the best classical guitar strings, look no further than Augustine.


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