ARGON8 by Modal Electronics | 8-Voice Wavetable Synthesiser with 37 keys and included software


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8-Voice Wavetable Synthesiser with 37 keys

With it’s transparent and rich sound, an array of realtime controls, full MPE support, a straightforward, structured user interface and integrated performance tools, ARGON8 is a unique instrument, designed to deliver an unmatched sonic experience.

ARGON8’s sophisticated wavetable engine generates thousands of different sonic combinations with its seamless waveform morphing feature. Explore evolving ambient textures, classic pads and modern chords, brutal bass’, dark drones and psychedelic noise textures – ARGON8 is a true sound designer’s playground. Process and cross modulate the waves using either the 32 static wavetable modifiers and unlock additional wavetable variations. With ARGON8, virtually every sound imagination comes to life.