Algam Lighting FOG-MD-1L | Smoke Liquid Standard Density 1L


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Algam Lighting Fog Fluid FOG-MD-1L – 1L bottle with Standard Density

The FOG-MD-1Lcreates a moderately veiled atmosphere, while highlighting the play of light on stage with a homogeneous smoke. it comes in a convenient 1 liter bottle.

Algam Lighting Fog Fluid FOG-MD-1L Specifications

  • Dimensions (mm): 850 x 850 x 240
  • Dispersion: relatively slow
  • Density: standard
  • Stability: good condition
  • Smoke colour: white
  • Fluid colour: neutral
  • Conformity with the norms in vigueur for this type of product
  • Produced in France
  • Quantity: 1 liter

About Algam Lighting

Algam Lighting gives you everything you need to create an atmosphere at your event. From moving lights, LED projectors and lighting controllers, to atmospheric effects such as smoke machines, with Algam Lighting you can make your event one to remember.

Whether you’re want to create unique backdrops, an intense atmosphere, or just light up the dancefloor, the Algam Lighting range has the lighting tools you need.


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